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RC Accus

Under current: Batteries and rechargeable batteries for the RC world

Our range of accus goes from classical batteries to lead acid batteries and to top modern LiPo (Lithium Polymer) and LiFe (Lithium Ferric) Accus. Especially the LiPo Accu Packs are the "To-Go" rechargeable batteries for the model sports as they feature huge power and a low weight.

The selection of the suitable accu

At first the most important question is: Do you need a LiPo Accu or a LiFe Accu Pack? Furthermore you will have to specify your needs considering the number of cells, the load and the capacity of the accumulator for your RC model. For the correct choice of your Accu you have also consider which balancer plug and connector you need. If you have any questions, considering your Accumulator for your radio controlled car, airplane or quadrocopter don't hesitate to contact us.
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