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What is a Gimbal System?

In connection with FPV Planes and photographs from the bird's eye of view a gimbal is needed to stabilize the camera system. It is a 2 or 3 dimensional suspension made out of 2 levels which are directed in a right angle at each other. This construction makes it possible that the camera inside the gimbal can be moved 3 dimensional. This technique was first used at the shipping navigation to keep the compass in place.

Universal Gimbals and camera stabilizer for particular camera models

For drones the stabiliziation is not only due to the center of gravity but eventually because of the IMU. The IMU measures the exact position and acceleration of the quadrocopter and ecause of the need of that precisely measuremet gimbals for universal drone models are quite rare as the stabilizer has to exactly match the weight and the center of gravitiy of the remote controlled drone as well the possibilities of assembly of each drone model they'll be installed on. This is way you mostly will find gimbals in our collection which fit onto one or two drone model max. But still, you will be able to buy camera stabilizer for nearly each drone, camera or multicopter from the brands we have in our online shop.
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