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Our electronically powered scooters - practical and fast

Due to points like facility, simple handling and low operating costs, there is a rising trend of including e-Scooters to become an established and fixed component in all urban transformational areas. The products are definitely easy to handle and the options of further products are immense. Due to the possibility of recharging the scooter at nearly every available power source, the range of the batteries can be further increased by up to 40 kilometers. The right balance of practical folding function and safe driving stability ensure a pleasant driving experience.

Buy e-scooters of all designs with top quality at attractive prices.

Find manoeuvrable and handy models from MODSTER or E-Twow. As well as many others which provide compact, stable and robust variations for a safe and enjoyable ride. All our e-scooters are foldable for easy transport away from the travel time.

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