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Shipping Method Order Value Shipping Costs
Austria GLS 0 - 89.99 4.89
ab 90.00 FREE
Forwarding/Haulage 60.00
SurchargeEMS + 9.90
EMS for Bulky Goods + 17.40

Shipping Method Order Value Shipping Costs
Germany DHL 0 - 89.99 6.95
starting from 89.00 FREE
  Forwarding/Haulage   90.00
Surcharge Bulky Goods + 18.00

Shipping Method Order Value Shipping Costs
Italy GLS 0 - 119.99 6.95
starting from 120.00 FREE
  Forwarding/Haulage   70.00
SurchargeBulky Goods + 18.00

Shipping Method Order Value Shipping Costs
Slovenia GLS 0 - 119.99 6.95
starting form 120.00 FREE
  Forwarding/Haulage   60.00
Surcharge Bulky Goods + 18.00

Shipping Method Shipping Costs
Switzerland Swiss Post - GLS CHF 8.95
Forwarding/Haulage (starting from a lengh of 200 cm) CHF 156.00

Country Shipping Method Shipping Forwarding/Haulage Bulky Goods Surcharge
France GLS 12.95 90.00+ 18.00
Belgium GLS 12.95 70.00 + 18.00
Greece GLS 22.50 90.00 -
Denmark DHL 12.95 105.00 + 18.00
Hungary DHL 12.95 70.00+ 18.00
Netherlands GLS 12.95 70.00 + 18.00
Luxemburg GLS 12.95 70.00 + 18.00
USA DHL 22.50 220.00 + 18.00
Malta DHL 12.95 110.00 + 18.00
Schweden DHL 12.95 120.00 + 18.00
Portugal DHL 12.95 150.00 + 18.00
Polen DHL 12.95 90.00 + 18.00
Norway DHL 22.50 upon request + 18.00
Russia DHL 22.50 not available -
Slowakia GLS 12.95 upon request -
Czech Republic GLS 12.95 auf Anfrage -
further EU countries * DHL 12.95 upon request+ 18.00
further countries worldwide DHL 22.50 upon request + 18.00




All prices in Euro, Swiss prices in CHF

* Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Cyprus

The delivery of our products is done worldwide. The shipping costs for your desired country of delivery please refer to the table above.

Select the delivery address as country "Switzerland" with our shipping service provider "Swiss Post - GLS" out, then Modellsport Schweighofer takes care of the customs clearance and the import sales tax.
Therefore, there are no additional costs after ordering for the general order costs! Take the chance now and order your ultimate favorite models, accessories and all other gadgets in Swiss francs.

EMS (Express Mail Service): If you order on weekdays from Monday to Thursday until 13:45, the delivery of stock will be on the next working day (Monday to Friday) until 12:00 at the latest

Depending on size, weight and country of delivery, it may be that a shipping item is marked as Bulky or Forwarding. The costs for the bulky goods surcharge or for the forwarding delivery shall be borne by the customer. Whether a product must be sent as bulky goods or by forwarding can only be finally calculated after the address has been announced. The total cost of shipping your desired item you will always see after entering the delivery address. If you have any questions about the operation of a freight forwarding program, please contact our customer service at info@der-schweighofer.com .
Please note that LiPo batteries must be marked as such upon return. A template and further information can be found at here .
LiPo batteries with a capacity of more than 100 Wh are always shipped via GLS as dangerous goods only within Austria and Germany .
The surcharge for the dispatch of dangerous goods is also charged when reaching the free shipping cost is 5.90 €. Products that are affected by this rule are marked in the product description.

MSG Online GmbH - Wirtschaftspark 9
8530 Deutschlandsberg

You are responsible for the direct costs of returning the goods. Please note Returns .

Please ensure that your returns are properly franked! For returns that arrive freight-free, we charge you the resulting costs.

DIVERSITY OF THE "FREE SHIPPING" BOARDER < br> For returns, we reserve the right to recalculate the standard shipping costs, if the value of the order less the return falls below the free shipping limit.
Example: In Austria, the shipping is free from an order of € 70. If you order two items in one order for € 35 each and return one, we reserve the right to reimburse you the € 35 less the standard shipping costs.


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